Our Submission to the Democracy Review

The Labour party is currently undergoing a 'Democracy Review' which includes a full review of Young Labour, bringing up for debate it's structure, organisation and purpose. As part of the review, sections of the party, such as Redbridge Young Labour, are entitled to make submissions to the Democracy Review.

We have submitted a set of proposals that we believe would make Young Labour more independent, democratic and effective at mobilising its members to achieve meaningful political change for young people throughout the UK.

Redbridge Young Labour's Submission



Young Labour shall have constitutional autonomy, with its own rulebook and standing orders to govern its structures. It shall hold an annual conference, with delegates from each local branch. Young Labour shall have organizational autonomy with access to its own membership lists and the ability to organise its own events and campaigns independently. This is crucial for genuinely empowering young members.

Administrative functions shall wherever possible be devolved directly to Young Labour, so as to further strengthen Young Labour’s operational autonomy in tandem with its political autonomy. These include, but are not restricted to, the registration of groups, membership services and internal communications.


Young Labour shall be properly resourced to be able to achieve its objectives. It shall receive an annual grant from the central party over which it has control, which would be financed from the membership fees of its members. Young Labour shall have at least three staff members who are accountable to its democratic structures and mandated to carry out the political objectives of the Young Labour committee, whether on a UK-wide or regional/national level.


Young Labour shall have local branches covering the whole of England, Wales and Scotland, which shall exist in perpetuity and with democratic OMOV AGMs to elect officers and delegates to conference.

The NEC representative shall be elected by a One Member One Vote (OMOV) ballot of all members.

You can support Redbridge Young Labour's proposals by submitting them yourself to the democracy review at democracy@labour.org.uk. Simply copy and paste our proposals into your email and include your name and CLP.